SelectROW ResourcesData Center Site Selection

Data center dependence is growing in the United States, resulting in a market boom. Research suggests revenue will eclipse $99 billion in the United States in 2024 and reach $124.6 billion by 2028.

SelectROW will serve as your strategic partner by researching parcels and securing access to land for construction. Learn more here!


SelectROW ResourcesCrypto Mining Data Centers

Cryptocurrency’s prominence has caused a spike in demand for crypto mining data centers. These sites have specialized features tailored to crypto miners’ unique needs and the distinct challenges crypto mining processes present. Learn more here!


SelectROW ResourcesWhat Are Building Access Agreements

SelectROW specializes in securing building access agreements for telecommunications and fiber providers in many residential and commercial settings. Our skilled team will acquire the approvals and permits on behalf of telecommunications services and secure agreements that satisfy all parties involved.

We also provide project management services to help streamline tasks and reduce risk.


SelectROW ResourcesBattery Energy Storage Systems Guide

The Business Council for Sustainable Energy (BCSE) disclosed that the U.S. still has the world’s largest energy storage demand market, making BESS lucrative to invest in. A 2023 McKinsey study states that BESS can potentially reduce energy costs by 80%, making it a system worth exploring.


SelectROW ResourcesElectric Vehicle Charging Station Infrastructure

According to McKinsey, EV sales have climbed by an average of 40% each year since 2016, but not at a rate fast enough to be on target. U.S. consumers cite that battery or prospective charging issues are the main barriers to adopting electric vehicles. More EV charging infrastructure is vital to sway consumers to invest.


SelectROW ResourcesSolar Project Development

Renewable energy sources are becoming more important than ever. However, gaining access to land requires a lot of consideration, dedication and planning. Here, we’ll explore some of the basics to keep in mind when developing your solar site.


SelectROW ResourcesTransmission Line Route Selection

When it comes to transmission lines, the journey is more important than the destination. Route selection requires navigating through natural and man-made structures as well as private property and public land that’s already in use. Learn more here!


SelectROW ResourcesSolar Energy Storage

As energy storage becomes more commonplace, the prices have lowered and made storage more practical from a financial standpoint. Learn how an energy storage facility can earn you significant savings on your energy bill!


SelectROW ResourcesGrid Modernization

Innovation to our power grids is necessary to ensure progress and efficiency. Read how modernizing the grid will strengthen the electrical infrastructure, making it smarter and more intuitive to meet the increasing pressure on the power grid!


SelectROW ResourcesWhat Is Fiber Optic Internet?

Learn more about the benefits of fiber optic internet, what to consider if you want to build your own and how SelectROW can help!



SelectROW ResourcesWhat Is 5G Infrastructure?

5G is set to become the world’s predominant network type. Learn more about the common challenges with establishing 5G Infrastructure!


SelectROW Resources5g Vs. Fiber Optic Internet

Fiber optic internet and 5G are the latest editions in connectivity. Where fiber optic internet uses a wired connection, 5G is wireless. Each type of connectivity offers benefits and challenges.



SelectROW ResourcesWhat Are Solar Farms?

SelectROW offers services for solar developers, public utilities and other entities. Our experts can assist you with siting and routing, surveying, easement acquisition, project management and more as you develop new solar panel fields.



SelectROW ResourcesFiber Optic Cable Types

At SelectROW, we partner with municipalities and internet service providers (ISPs) interested in improving their telecommunications infrastructure to facilitate access to the latest technology. Fiber optic internet is one of the latest and most significant advancements in telecommunications technology.



SelectROW ResourcesMultiple Parcel Land Survey

SelectROW partners with companies in fields like energy, telecommunications and construction to provide accurate land surveys for right-of-way acquisition. We leverage our expertise and dedication to thorough communication to ensure each partner receives an accurate survey detailing all necessary information.


SelectROW ResourcesWhat Is an Abstract of Title?

Through our work with commercial and federal property buyers like you, we’ve become experts in navigating the legalities of land easements and translating title abstracts so any buyer can understand them. Learn more here!



SelectROW ResourcesRight-of-Way-Plan Development

SelectROW has worked with organizations around the country for decades to assist in right-of-way development and every step after. We know the state and federal guidelines you have to follow, and we’ll navigate them effortlessly.



SelectROW ResourcesWhat is Property Acquisition?

Every person or organization who needs a location for their work will have to venture through the property acquisition process. Property acquisition occurs when you take over a piece of land or a building to manage, maintain and improve it. Learn more here!


SelectROW ResourcesFiber-Optic vs Copper Cables

Making the right decision for internet service is crucial. Whether a new building is being constructed or you will lay the groundwork for a new company, it helps to know the differences between internet varieties. Learn more here!


SelectROW ResourcesFiber in Multifamily Buildings – FTTH

As activities like remote working become more popular, so does the demand for faster internet. With fiber optic internet, a user’s ability to rely on their internet dramatically increases with fiber to the home (FTTH). Fiber is now easier to install than any other form, making it the fastest and most dependable option. Read more!


SelectROW ResourcesWhat is Fiber to the Premises?

Fiber optic internet is a technological advancement that combines faster internet with easy installation time. This technology can increase productivity and overall company advancement.

Continue reading to learn more about fiber to the premises (FTTP), including what it is and how SelectROW can help you establish a network on your property.


SelectROW ResourcesWhat is Public Outreach

Communicating with the public is a critical step to ensuring your projects succeed. SelectROW works with businesses and organizations to develop personalized strategies to reach community members and gain project support.

SelectROW has the expertise to develop methodical practices and procedures that engage with your audience to drive you toward your goals. Contact us online or call us at 888-997-3532 to learn more about our public outreach capabilities.


SelectROW ResourcesCommercial Solar Battery Storage

Harness the clean and renewable power of the sun using solar battery storage systems. Solar batteries are transforming businesses’ operations, allowing professionals to store excess electricity and create an environmentally friendly facility.

Read more on how SelectROW can help your organization!


SelectROW ResourcesTypes of Easements

From affirmative easements to negative easements, you may consider various easements for your property. Each serves different purposes and has a different set of rights, responsibilities and laws pertaining to it. This guide explores what the three common types of easements are, additional easements and how to choose one that meets your needs and goals.