Data Center Site Selection

Data center dependence is growing in the United States, resulting in a market boom. Research suggests revenue will eclipse $99 billion in the United States in 2024 and reach $124.6 billion by 2028. As the market expands, so does the need for calculated data center location strategies. The site your organization chooses to establish a data center will impact its profitability and market sustainability.

Factors Influencing Data Center Site Selection

Data centers are large facilities with significant spatial requirements and utility intake. Locations for data centers must meet the infrastructural and practical requirements needed for operation. 

Utility Infrastructure

Data centers require reliable access to energy and water supplies. Electricity, natural gas and water are essential for data center equipment operation and temperature regulation. The ideal data center site has an existing utility infrastructure or one that would require minimal updates to support the facility’s needs. 


Data centers transmit information across a fiber-optic network. The site for your data center should have access to fiber or have the space to run new fiber lines. Shortening the fiber-optic path improves service quality, so optimal installation often requires using nearby land.

User Proximity 

Shortening the distance between the data center and end users improves download speeds and reduces latency. The ideal data center land parcel is near the community it serves but in an area that complies with local regulations.

Environmental Conditions

Weather and climate impact the development process and service quality a data center can provide. Harsh weather during construction can cause delays that increase expenses. After development, a natural disaster can disrupt power and energy delivery to the data center, compromising its service quality. 

Regulatory and Compliance Matters

Data centers are subject to various regulations covering land use, environmental protection, noise ordinances and other requirements. The land parcel you choose for a data center must meet all regulations. Compliance can be challenging as zoning laws for data centers evolve. Seeking expert support can help you ensure a potential parcel meets relevant requirements.

Access to a Skilled Workforce

Data center operation requires work from skilled information technology professionals. Constructing a data center near prominent communities in the technology industry can increase access to skilled labor. Alternatively, your organization could choose a location that is attractive to candidates from out of town. 

The Site Selection Process

Many real estate options could hold a data center. Your organization must understand its needs while selecting land. SelectROW enacts diligent processes for comparing, acquiring and preparing land for data center use. 

Preliminary Research

Preliminary research should start with the big picture. Researchers will analyze various regions to determine how they align with factors influencing a data center’s success. As the study progresses, the focus can narrow until researchers identify a few parcels in a hospitable region. 

Feasibility Studies

A feasibility study will provide a deeper analysis of a land parcel’s viability. Researchers will analyze various parcels to determine which provides the greatest value for utility access, user proximity, natural disaster probability and other core factors. The study will also recommend operation and risk mitigation strategies. 

Land Acquisition

Data center land acquisition is a multifaceted process. Your organization must purchase or lease the land that houses the data center, but there are other properties to consider. Your business may need access to nearby land to transport construction equipment and supplies, update the utility infrastructure or run fiber-optic cables. In these situations, you must acquire right-of-way for lawful access to land near the data center. 

Infrastructure Planning

The data center must feature infrastructural elements that support data center operations. Your organization will collaborate with local authorities and utility providers to ensure the facility receives the requisite infrastructure assets. Infrastructure planning also involves thorough environmental impact assessment and mitigation planning.


Data Center Site Selection

The Role of Technology in Data Center Site Selection

The site selection process is more efficient with innovative technology and intuitive data analysis tactics. Geographical information systems (GIS) are some of the most powerful tools for site surveying and analysis. A GIS enhances site selection by mapping a site’s geography and infrastructure. GIS maps compile images from the potential site and integrate them within computer-aided design (CAD) software. The detailed information available through GIS mapping allows decision-makers to recognize the traits of an optimal data center parcel and efficiently narrow the field. 


SelectROW’s Value During Data Center Land Acquisition

SelectROW provides various services that help organizations select a land parcel for a data center and secure right-of-ways for access to nearby properties. We have more than 30 years of experience researching and surveying land for various uses. During that time, we’ve prioritized ongoing learning and adaptability to respond as the economy shifts. Our experts are at the forefront of data center land selection and acquisition.  We will streamline land acquisition processes to catalyze immediate and sustained success in the data center market. 

By collecting detailed information about your organization’s requirements and the land parcels available, we will connect you with options conducive to your business’s success. We apply a thorough understanding of the practical obstacles and legal regulations relevant to the data center industry to deliver timely reports about compatible properties. Working with SelectROW will move your business forward. 


Select the Optimal Land Parcel for a New Data Center 

Success in the data center industry rests on the land that houses the buildings and equipment. Narrowing your selection of data center sites will position your business for efficient data center development and profitable operations. 

SelectROW will serve as your strategic partner by researching parcels and securing access to land for construction. Our services ensure compliance and efficiency during every step of data center development. Contact us online for more on our data center land selection capabilities.