Easements for Wind Power

Easements for Wind Power

SelectROW has secured land rights and easements for numerous wind and renewable energy projects in the United States. We provide end-to-end services that catalyze progress. Partner with our professionals to meet your project’s deadline and budget.

SelectROW will help you secure a favorable easement agreement when establishing a wind farm. We will leverage our easement experience to provide end-to-end support during your project. Our professionals can determine the land you need to access, uncover the title owner’s information, negotiate an easement agreement and complete all official documentation.

Working with us for wind right-of-way will preserve your wind farm project’s momentum by efficiently securing access to land that allows your organization to complete key steps.

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Land Acquisitions for Wind Power 

Partner with SelectROW to acquire land for wind power projects. Our real estate and law experts will offer comprehensive support as you purchase or lease land for wind power projects. We leverage practical experience supporting onshore and offshore land acquisition to mobilize efficient strategies. Our attention to detail creates a clear path through each stage of wind land acquisition. With SelectROW as your representative, you will secure the land you need at a price that maximizes your farm’s profitability.


Professional Representation During Land and Easement Acquisitions

Partnering with SelectROW facilitates:

  • Momentum: Glide through the project with seamless access to crucial land. 
  • Cost control: Complete the project on schedule for maximum financial efficiency. 
  • Focus: Free your personnel for specialized and high-value tasks. 
  • Command: Make an agreement that positions your organization for success. 
  • Accuracy: Submit accurate documents and keep precise records. 
  • Compliance: Adhere to all regulatory and due diligence requirements. 


Hands-On Partners for Easements and Right-of-Ways 

Our real estate and law professionals are available to be active participants in your project. By partnering with us, you will bolster your team with experienced professionals dedicated to your mission. 

We have many years of experience obtaining easements and right-of-ways for wind farm developers. During that time, we’ve mastered ways to provide value at every step of the process. We move projects forward by taking a direct role in all tasks, from initial property and title research to negotiation and due diligence. Our consistency paves the way for efficient wind farm development.


Why SelectROW?

SelectROW has what it takes to elevate your organization’s position across all stages of wind development and management projects. We set the standard through our: 

  • Hands-on approach: We will form a meaningful connection with your organization while completing tasks that advance your project. 
  • Expertise: We draw from decades of easement and right-of-way acquisition experience to develop comprehensive strategies and respond to new challenges. 
  • Professionalism: Our commitment to diligence, integrity and communication makes SelectROW a reliable collaborator and impressive representative. 
  • Transparency: We are open with clients at every stage to ensure awareness of our progress and how it impacts the project’s timeline.

Flexibility: We remain on the cutting edge as new regulations and increased demand influence the wind energy market.

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SelectROW has the experience and resources to represent your organization through land and easement acquisition. Request a proposal to begin a smooth acquisition process.