Professional Right-of-Way Services

SelectROW provides right-of-way land acquisition services

Professional Right-of-Way Services

For over 25 years, SelectROW has provided high-quality, professional land and right-of-way acquisition and consulting services to governmental entities as well as gas, electric and telecommunication utility providers. Our land acquisition consultants emphasize strong relationships and versatile consulting services, negotiating on behalf of various industries. These include:

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Right-of-Way Services Throughout the United States

Our land acquisition and negotiation services help private solar developers and clients in the government and public utilities sectors obtain right-of-way, easements and land throughout the United States. SelectROW has decades of experience working with governmental entities, including expertise on the local, state and federal levels.

We have an extensive background in right-of-way acquisitions, property acquisitions, negotiations, permitting, due diligence, licensing, on-call services, project administration, title abstracting and title research and condemnation support. 

Companies that use SelectROW to perform right-of-way acquisition and land acquisition services can enjoy several benefits, including:

  • Methodical, organized processes that make obtaining land rights more predictable.
  • Effective procedures and practices that comply with relevant guidelines and laws.
  • Collaboration with external resources that make land and right-of-way acquisitions seamless. 
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Right-of-Way Land Services

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Effective Land Acquisition Services

Effective Land Acquisition Services

From collaboration to completion, SelectROW’s project administration team serves as a channel for progress. We take an active role in coordinating internal participants and external stakeholders, functioning as a conduit for communication.

Through strong relationships built on trust, SelectROW creates a productive, efficient acquisition process for all parties. We facilitate the acquisition of all right-of-way interests per our clients‘ procedures and policies.

Our experienced professionals have a stable background in providing easement acquisition and negotiation services to:

  • Electric utility providers: Our easement and fee acquisition services allow the placement of generation facilities, switchyards, substations, electric transmission and distribution lines and other associated electrical infrastructure.
  • Telecommunication providers: SelectROW provides easement acquisition and negotiation services to telecom providers for the placement of minor and major telecommunication facilities. Negotiated and acquired easements include fiber deployment, 5G upgrades, cell sites, radio towers, copper cables and other communication appurtenances.
  • Gas and water utilities: Our fee, easement and option acquisition services allow for the placement of compression sites, interconnection sites, water and wastewater pipelines, natural gas pipelines and associated above-ground appurtenances.
  • Municipalities and governmental entities: Property acquisition and negotiation services allow for the construction of open space habitat areas, flood control facilities, transportation systems and other public infrastructure.
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Acquisitions & Negotiations

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With ethical, effective and efficient electric transmission line right-of-way acquisitions, our primary objective is to provide quality, comprehensive electric and gas transmission line easements for public utility providers. We accomplish this through methodical utilization of our skilled resources, coupled with genuine engagement of all parties affected by a project. 

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SelectROW specializes in securing license agreements and fiber access agreements for placement of fiber facilities on behalf of residential, industrial, commercial and multifamily facilities across the United States.

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The SelectROW team of experts brings right-of-way expertise to the renewable and clean energy industry. From wind energy to solar projects, we demonstrate a history of high performance in perpetuating regulatory compliance while meeting each client’s specific needs. We work hard to allow clients to share the benefits of solar power by way of land and easement acquisitions for solar facilities.

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Hiring a company to coordinate and execute land acquisition for government use comes with many benefits, including the collaboration with external parties and resources that make land acquisition seamless. Government right-of-way acquisition services allow SelectROW’s clients to gain access to properties in an efficient manner, in compliance with applicable regulations.

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