Experienced ROW & Acquisition Specialists

Experienced ROW & Acquisition Specialists

The experienced real estate professionals at SelectROW will expedite your data center development project through comprehensive land acquisition services. As seasoned experts, we skillfully navigate the various processes involved in land acquisition. Partner with us for efficiency and accuracy during data center land acquisition processes.

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Experienced. Trusted. Adaptable. 

SelectROW is a professional land acquisition company with the resources and qualifications to facilitate data center development projects. Our organization has a broad portfolio of land acquisition experience in New Mexico, Texas and other parts of the United States.

We create value by providing efficient solutions from experienced professionals. The SelectROW team features experienced attorneys and real estate experts who understand your legal requirements and how to balance them within a favorable deal. Our steadfast company infrastructure and high employee retention ensure efficiency and adaptability at every stage.


Moving Your Project Forward

Our approach to land acquisition catalyzes forward momentum toward a favorable deal. We will position your business for success by implementing the most practical solution at each juncture of the acquisition process.

Our data center site selection team will direct you toward the optimal parcel by analyzing the market and conducting extensive feasibility studies. After narrowing the options, we will determine the most economical way to acquire the land, negotiate on your behalf and see the agreement through to settlement. Our associates mind the fine details and collect all necessary documents from both parties to ensure accuracy and compliance.

Through each phase of data center land acquisition, you can expect thorough documentation, clear communication and transparent channels for accessing crucial information.

Comprehensive Land Acquisition Support for Data Center Development

Your organization has much to consider when selecting and acquiring land for data center development. Partner with SelectROW to enact effective strategies. We are versatile land acquisition specialists capable of guiding you through the optimal approach for your situation. Our professionals will collaborate with you to hone your fee acquisition strategy or efficiently acquire data center right-of-way.

As an experienced organization with a wealth of resources, SelectROW provides land acquisition support in numerous forms:

  • Acquisition planning
  • Land surveying
  • Site identification and appraisal
  • Title research
  • Feasibility studies
  • Acquisition document preparation
  • Communication with parcel owners
  • Acquisition finalization


Acquiring Land Fit for Data Center Development

Success in the data center industry begins from the ground up. SelectROW will help you choose and acquire land that strengthens your endeavor. As acquisitions experts, we monitor burgeoning industries to identify the land characteristics that promote profitability. Some of the most critical elements we weigh in early acquisition processes include:

  • Zoning requirements: Find land in commercial or industrial zones.
  • Access to utilities: Ensure steady access to primary and backup power sources.
  • Proximity to users: Choose a parcel that enables high-speed data access.
  • Room to upscale: Facilitate growth to meet forthcoming spikes in data center demand.
  • Local climate factors: Consider the practical and financial implications of extreme temperatures and storms.


Select and Acquire Land for Data Centers

We promote successful data center development through our land acquisition services. By maintaining consistent progress during land acquisition, we’ll help to control project costs while allowing your organization to produce value from the data center sooner. Partnering with SelectROW will also help you secure a favorable deal. We will negotiate with landowners to ensure your acquisition agreement is consistent with your budget.

Our land acquisition professionals also provide value through calculated land selection. We use feasibility studies and geographic information system (GIS) mapping to define each parcel’s strengths and vulnerabilities. By choosing an optimal parcel from the start, your organization will find success sooner and maintain favorable results.

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Land acquisition support from SelectROW will ensure your organization obtains the ideal data center land at the right price. We encourage you to contact us online to request a consultation with our experienced acquisition professionals.