Telecom Permitting Services

Telecom Permitting Services

Proper infrastructure must exist to support a robust communications and wireless network. As you build new technologies, SelectROW delivers detailed telecom permitting services and submits an impressive application package for telecommunications infrastructure on public, private or tribal lands. You can confidently begin construction with approved placement for your fiber and wireless network projects.

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What Is Telecom Permitting?

Telecom permits allow our clients to access right-of-way for new projects involving fiber and wireless network builds. Plans may include site builds or modifications, dish systems, radio towers, fiber optics or 5G systems. As a SelectROW client, you have access to our experienced team of acquisition specialists to facilitate the permit approval process. 

To be approved for a telecom permit, we submit a detailed plan for the site, compliance documentation and proof of concept. After years of working alongside telecom companies for wireless network permitting, we are experts in negotiation and acquisition on your behalf. 


What Do Our Services Include?

As your strategic partner, we deliver end-to-end telecom permitting services for your company. From crafting deliverables to approving zoning guidelines, we are active facilitators for each new project. Our right-of-way services for wireless networks and telecom permits include:

  • Regulation consultations
  • Streamlined application
  • Right-of-way approval
  • Departmental representation
  • Tribal land right-of-way
  • Agency negotiation
  • Tracking and reporting

Our experts work closely with your team to create productive outcomes for your upcoming proposal. We’ve worked at the federal, state and local levels throughout our history of land acquisition and right-of-way services. SelectROW manages and submits the appropriate documents for all your permit, lease and license agreements.

The Challenge With 5G and Small Cell

The Challenge With 5G and Small Cell

As the technology and wireless network industry evolves, so will your operations for new sites. Due to the widespread rush to create an extensive 5G network, more small cell towers are appearing. Small cell permitting has presented a unique opportunity for many companies to create new growth alongside the influx of 5G support. The Cellular Telecom Industry Association (CTIA) estimates that 80% of future wireless infrastructure deployments will be small cell. 

Due to ever-evolving demand, the approval process for 5G and small cell site builds is quickly changing. Many cities have created more comprehensive applications because the industry is booming with permit requests. While some government agencies are working on more streamlined applications, we help you get started before the demand surges. 

5G network permits require a detailed agreement before you can break ground. SelectROW can facilitate the process through:

  • Right-of-way use agreements 
  • Small cell permits
  • Local agency design approval
  • Engineering compliance with local codes
  • Implementation plans
  • Construction permits

At SelectROW, we use proven methods to secure right-of-way agreements for your telecommunications company. Whether you’re building 5G small cell towers or remodeling current sites, we facilitate from collaboration to completion. 

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Why Choose SelectROW?

SelectROW specializes in personalized acquisition agreements for your future utilities. Our team conducts negotiations, zoning approvals and environmental clearances for your upcoming projects. Choose SelectROW as your partner for the future and enjoy:

  • Industry experience: Our experts have assisted telecommunications companies with wireless network permitting for 30 years.
  • Timeliness: We help your team create a realistic approval timeline and stick to our word throughout the process.
  • Full-service strategy: SelectROW specialists have expertise at every acquisition level for end-to-end strategic planning. 


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At SelectROW, we believe our clients deserve a diligent partner in the acquisition process. We have the expertise and industry connections to create efficient and effective outcomes for your company. You can expect a detailed approach to all telecom permitting services that fit your budget and schedule. 

Partner with our team for results that help you move into the future of 5G. Contact us online or call 1-888-997-3532 to learn more!