Multiple Parcel Land Survey

SelectROW partners with companies in fields like energy, telecommunications and construction to provide accurate land surveys for right-of-way acquisition. We leverage our expertise and dedication to thorough communication to ensure each partner receives an accurate survey detailing all necessary information. Our land surveying services are ideal when surveying multiple land parcels simultaneously. 

Continue reading to learn why land surveying is the best choice when acquiring an easement for multiple parcels. 

Multiple Parcel Land Survey

What Is a Land Survey?

A land survey is a document that shows information about a property’s physical features. Obtaining a land survey from a licensed surveyor will clarify who owns pieces of land and anything on it, particularly along boundaries. 

Land surveys include information about the property’s size. The surveying process clarifies the property’s boundaries and details them on a scale drawing of the parcel. The map will feature precise measurements that show where property lines fall. Most surveys will also show adjacent roads and waterways.

In addition to the boundaries, the drawing will show physical features on the property. The survey will account for both natural and manufactured features. Common structures shown on a survey drawing include buildings, large trees, fences, pools, landscaping features and underground storage tanks. The map will also indicate topographic information, such as slopes.

The costs of acquiring a land survey fall to the land’s owner or owners. However, a person requesting a land survey as part of a lawsuit they are filing will be responsible for expenses.


The Land Survey Process 

Land surveying comprises three phases:

  • Research: The surveyor will gather boundary information from government agencies. Researching a parcel may take hours or days, depending on the size and complexity. 
  • Fieldwork: The surveyor will visit the property to locate existing boundary markers and assess the nearby geographical area. Like research, fieldwork can take a few hours to several days. 
  • Computation: The surveyor will use information compiled during the research and fieldwork phases to create a map of the parcel. They will check the map against previous maps and data to confirm its accuracy. 


What Is a Plot Plan?

A plot plan is similar to a land survey but does not offer the same level of detail. Like a land survey, a plot plan is a parcel map showing boundaries and significant features. 


Land Surveys vs. Plot Plans

Land surveys and plot plans are similar in that they identify a property’s features and boundaries. However, land surveying is a far more detailed and precise process. 

Plot plans are less detailed because their primary function is to show features and boundaries as they currently exist. A property owner can perform lot planning independently before being completed by an architect, engineer or surveyor. A surveyor must conduct a land survey to ensure the accuracy of precise measurements and calculations. 

Multiple Parcel Land Survey

When to Choose a Plot Plan

A plot plan is a viable option when the primary goal is confirming that structures are inside a property’s boundaries. 

Plot plans are common in real estate, as the mortgage provider will request a plot plan before closing. Plot plans are also necessary for some home remodeling projects. Some communities require plot plans before a property owner builds a new fence, moves their driveway location, adds to the home’s exterior or builds a new structure on the property. 

A plot plan is also included in zoning applications when a property owner wishes to add a new structure to the property or alter an existing building to change the property’s use. 


When to Choose a Land Survey

A land survey is the best choice when accuracy is a top priority. A land survey will unveil the most precise information about a property’s boundaries, which is useful in many commercial situations. 

For example, your organization may be interested in purchasing property or acquiring an easement to complete a project. A land survey will produce the most detailed information and help you determine the land you will have access to after negotiating a deal. 

Land surveying is particularly useful when dealing with multiple parcels at a time. A company in energy, telecommunications or construction may need to access multiple properties to install or update infrastructure. Obtaining a land survey from a professional surveyor is the best way to ensure accuracy and efficiency so the project remains on schedule.

Consider requesting a land survey before installing, updating or servicing any of the following: 


Multiple Parcel Land Surveying From SelectROW

SelectROW is here to help your company navigate the complex process of surveying multiple parcels of land. We have extensive experience surveying properties of all sizes and surveying multiple parcels at once. For more information on our land surveying or land acquisition services, please call 1-888-997-3532 or request a proposal today.