As activities like remote working become more popular, so does the demand for faster internet. With fiber optic internet, a user’s ability to rely on their internet dramatically increases with fiber to the home (FTTH). Fiber is now easier to install than any other form, making it the fastest and most dependable option.

While this internet connection is more common in single-family homes, it can be possible for multifamily homes — like apartment complexes — to install FTTH.


What Is FTTH?

FTTH refers to installing optical fiber in buildings for high-speed internet access. Specifically, fiber internet uses megabits per second, which has a lower lag time and converts information to light rather than electricity.

Fiber requires a strong Wi-Fi signal in a technique called beamforming. Beamforming is when the fiber internet signals directly face the receiving device, creating a stronger and longer-range signal. This technology is especially beneficial when installing fiber in apartments or other multifamily buildings, as these spaces have a higher risk of interference with outside networks.


Benefits of Fiber for Multifamily Buildings

Installing fiber in multifamily buildings come with benefits for both the tenants and the owners of the complex. Overall, fiber internet is future-proof — a solution supporting bandwidth for today and tomorrow.

Whether you are a tenant or owner, fiber internet has several advantages for your space.


For Multifamily Building Tenants

As those directly benefiting from fiber internet, you will experience:

  • Fast download and upload speeds: Fiber internet allows for equally quick download and upload speeds. This speed can increase your productivity levels for work projects or school assignments. Faster download and upload speeds also support increased gaming speeds for Call of Duty and Animal Crossing fans alike.
  • Strong signals: Fiber internet offers stronger signals across distances, unlike other internet offerings. This robust connection is especially helpful in an apartment, allowing each roommate to stray from the router and get their work done in their own space.
  • Multiple device connection: With a more robust signal comes the ability to connect various devices to the same network. You can use your PC, smartphone, tablet and TV at the same time without interruption.
  • Increased reliability: If your internet has ever stopped working during extreme weather conditions or after a random fluke, you know how important it is to rely on your connection. Fiber can maintain strong signal needs — like video chats — in the most challenging conditions.


For Multifamily Building Owners

While you will likely not be using fiber internet as a building owner, it is still possible to reap some benefits, including:

  • Easy installation: Many buildings already have conduits for fiber cable connections, so a new line is easy to install in a room. This option is the most cost-effective and least time-consuming solution compared to coaxial cable installation.
  • Property value enhancements: Adding fiber internet to a property increases its value. After implementing these advancements, you may even be able to raise rent prices.
  • Higher tenants attraction: Fiber internet is an attractive feature in any apartment building. Listing a fiber internet connection with your building’s amenities can often bring more tenants to your location.


New vs. Existing Buildings

The benefits listed above can apply to both new and existing buildings with little to no adjustments. Depending on your structure — such as whether it is a one-level or multilevel — you can add fiber internet in several ways, such as:

  • Running fiber to each unit
  • Placing network terminals on each floor
  • Installing network terminals in a utility space


How Can SelectROW Help?

SelectROW is a telecommunication company that helps our clients build and extend fiber optic networks through our easement services. Together, we will problem-solve and assist construction contractors in creating the most logical solutions for fiber cable installation in multifamily buildings.

Our extensive experience allows us to take on any project successfully, regardless of its size or complexity. Please contact the experts at SelectROW today to learn more about how we can help.