Grid Modernization 

As we move deeper into the 21st century, our technology and electricity needs are increasing, making it apparent that innovation to our power grids is necessary to ensure progress and efficiency. The current power grid has over 600,000 miles of transmission lines throughout the United States. Despite its size and capabilities, this system is aging out of what it was designed to do in the 1900s. 

These power grids and their companies are being pushed beyond their capabilities, resulting in increased outages and demanding expectations from consumers. People are beginning to want more from their grids. They want immediate responses following outages and access to how much energy they use. Consumers are also interested in knowing how their use is affecting the environment as well as the options they have in terms of the energy they use.

These are only some of the changes that grid modernization seeks to address. The overall process of modernizing the grid will strengthen the electrical infrastructure, making it smarter and more intuitive to meet the increasing pressure on the power grid.


Benefits of Grid Modernization

There’s no question that the way electricity is used on the power grid today differs from how it was used when it was first established. Modernizing the grid will ensure that it can make full use of the technologies that we use day-to-day. It will help meet supply demands, address outages at the source and communicate effectively with consumers regarding their use. 

Modernizing the grid will transform your grid, increasing its reliability, resiliency, security and affordability. It will create a space for all to become energy producers and consumers while allowing the development of autonomous microgrids for places like schools and hospitals. 

Additional benefits of grid modernization include: 

  • Lower energy costs 
  • Increase distribution of energy usage information
  • Reduce power outages
  • Speed up response times to outages
  • Strengthen cyber security
  • Allow for different types of energy


Establishing a Plan to Modernize Your Grid

The key to electric grid modernization lies within the plan created to make changes. The government has been setting forth plans to take steps to modernize the grid, as seen with the Title XIII of the Energy Independence and Security Act of 2007. States have been developing grid modernization plans for years, such as Massachusetts, which has required their utilities to develop 10-year plans to start making this modernization a reality. 

Your team must approach the project with holistic planning to successfully modernize your grid. This will involve developing a process to look at the whole picture, determining which additions or upgrades are worthwhile and which might lead to future problems. Your plans must address elements such as aging infrastructures, decentralized energy distributions and non-wire alternatives.

There are three characteristics that your modernization plan must encompass:

  • Smart: The grid must utilize intelligent technologies, equipment and controls to improve communication and reporting of outages, transparency of energy usage and efficiency.
  • Strong: A smart, modern grid must withstand physical threats, such as storms, as well as cyber threats. It must have adequate storage to meet the demands of consumers and reduce costs. 
  • Sustainable: The advancements must make for environmentally conscious use while improving its adaptability and flexibility to remain durable and capable for years to come.


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