Harness the clean and renewable power of the sun using solar battery storage systems. Solar batteries are transforming businesses’ operations, allowing professionals to store excess electricity and create an environmentally friendly facility. SelectROW provides comprehensive right-of-way and land acquisition services for commercial solar battery storage system projects throughout the United States. 


What Is Commercial Solar Battery Storage?

Solar battery storage is an effective strategy organizations implement to create an accessible power supply during power outages. Solar companies install batteries and design them to store excess energy produced by solar panels. They’ll also store electricity from the grid if you purchase electricity. Solar battery storage systems are often fixed installations near breaker boxes, likely requiring a high upfront installation cost. 

Despite startup expenses, solar batteries allow you to utilize power that would otherwise be wasted. By collecting unused energy, these devices create a power supply offering uninterrupted access to provide protection from accidents, harsh weather and high prices. They enable you to create a more sustainable workflow with the potential to break away from your grid entirely if desired. 


Benefits for Your Facility

More businesses are converting to solar power than ever, relying on high-quality batteries to maximize the potential of their facility. Using commercial solar battery storage creates a predictable utility infrastructure with accurate expense forecasting and predictable energy costs. 

Facilities enjoy unrivaled potential with solar batteries installed offer unique benefits, including: 

  • Decrease energy costs: Create your own energy source to produce renewable electricity without spending money on electricity from the grid.  
  • Minimize carbon footprint: Generate electricity from sunlight and transition away from oil, natural gas and other fuel sources to a more eco-friendly strategy. 
  • Create revenue: Capitalize on parking lots, roof areas and ground spaces to produce electricity and sell the excess to local utility companies.
  • Enable investment: Free up your cash flow and invest in key business growth areas. 
  • Avoid in-demand prices: Use stored energy during peak grid prices to keep your utility expenses low. 


How Does Solar Battery Storage Work?

Solar batteries are fairly simple devices, holding the key to a smarter way to run your business. Solar panels produce renewable electricity during the day, which is typically what your property uses to power its activities. A commercial solar battery storage system transfers any additional energy into batteries. During outages or times of high demand, this energy is automatically distributed throughout the system to save money and deal with expensive energy peaks. 


How Can SelectROW Help You?

Acquiring space for your commercial storage battery system is straightforward with our team by your side. SelectROW specializes in obtaining land and supplying right-of-way services for battery storage facilities. We have years of experience facilitating and managing solar power projects throughout the United States, tailoring our services to fit our clients’ circumstances. 

Our professionals are highly skilled in developing meaningful strategies to assist clients with land acquisition for renewable energy pursuits. They handle numerous aspects of the process, including identifying potential locations, conducting due diligence and executing negotiation activities. Additional services we provide to construct your commercial battery storage successfully include: 

  • Stakeholder relations.
  • Option agreements. 
  • Landowner identification. 
  • Site evaluation
  • Cost estimating. 
  • Regulatory support. 
  • Final lease. 
  • Survey permitting
  • Leasing. 


Work With SelectROW

SelectROW proudly specializes in a full spectrum of services to help businesses access the land they require. We’ve leveraged our expertise in right-of-way acquisition, negotiation and consulting services for over 50 years, backed by talented professionals with deep industry knowledge. They provide clients with unrivaled support and leverage their expertise and array of community relationships to propel projects on the path toward success. 

Learn more about our services for solar battery storage systems when you contact us online or call us at 888-997-3532.