Communicating with the public is a critical step to ensuring your projects succeed. SelectROW works with businesses and organizations to develop personalized strategies to reach community members and gain project support. 


What Is Public Outreach?

Public outreach is the process of connecting with an audience to inform them about issues, problems or opportunities within the community. These campaigns are often used to raise awareness surrounding certain topics and engage people, often supporting a specific goal or agenda. Many organizations, including businesses, local governments and schools, can perform public outreach. In many situations, these organizations look to engage their audience, requesting feedback to start an open conversation with their community. 


Why Are Public Outreach Campaigns Important?

Whether promoting a political campaign or raising money for an event, working with the public is crucial to your success. These activities give your community more information about your cause, helping them understand more about what you’re doing. Such opportunities also empower residents to directly communicate their thoughts and opinions on situations that impact them. With this dialogue, you’ll receive more feedback regarding your project to make suitable changes and updates to ensure success. 


How Should You Engage the Public?

Outreach programs come in all shapes and sizes and are specially designed to accomplish specific goals in each community. Since every town, city and state is different, each campaign must be intentionally constructed to fit their needs. Consider where you are, your purpose and how you can reach your audience. With these ideas in mind, you’ll be able to take advantage of various outreach strategies, including: 

  • Websites 
  • Surveys 
  • Meetings 
  • Brochures
  • Billboards 
  • Mail
  • Door-to-door engagements 
  • Social media posts 
  • Press releases 
  • TV commercials


How Can a Public Outreach Campaign Help Your Project?

Public outreach campaigns are some of the most effective strategies with specific goals in mind. Strive to educate the public, showing them how your organization or cause can benefit their lives. These opportunities also allow your community to ask questions and suggest ideas to enhance your project.

With more awareness across the community, you’re likely to have more supporters willing to volunteer their time and donate their hard-earned cash to the cause. Overall, an outreach program can expand your reach and instill a sense of trust in community members. 


How Will SelectROW Strengthen Your Community Outreach Program?

If you need assistance launching your public outreach endeavors, SelectROW is ready to help. Our professionals understand what it takes to boost stakeholder engagement and drive your campaigns forward. We have a long history of forging lasting relationships with audiences across the United States. Our experts divide stakeholders into specific groups and define interests before developing a whole-scale engagement plan. 

SelectROW professionals can increase the likelihood of project acceptance and minimize overall risk. This improvement occurs through diversifying communication channels, from face-to-face interactions to social media and online marketing channels. We take our role seriously and perform the following actions to keep your projects on track: 

  • Collaborate closely with your team
  • Keep the audience in the loop early on
  • Create a public space that facilitates dialogue
  • Maintain clear expectations


Partner With SelectROW to Generate Meaningful Interest

Public outreach is an integral part of growing your project or organization. Your community of stakeholders plays a significant role in the success of your operation, and effectively communicating with them early and often is what will make the difference. Initiating this dialogue requires time and effort, no matter your industry.

SelectROW has the expertise to develop methodical practices and procedures that engage with your audience to drive you toward your goals. Contact us online or call us at 888-997-3532 to learn more about our public outreach capabilities.