Data centers are growing as a critical part of North American infrastructure. At SelectROW, we support organizations entering the market or expanding their presence as the demand for data center development increases. Our land acquisition and project management teams expedite completion times and lay the groundwork for profitability.


Proven Land Acquisition and Project Management Experts

SelectROW renders progress in data center development. We have positioned ourselves as premier data center land development advisors through our expertise and experience.

Our acquisition and project management teams feature knowledgeable employees who have been with us for years. They have been key contributors to our extensive portfolio of commercial land development partnerships. This continuity fosters a deep understanding of the processes and tactics involved in commercial land acquisition. With our support, you will experience greater process and budget efficiency.

Our deep experience in commercial land acquisition and development translates seamlessly to the burgeoning data center industry. We are versatile, adaptive and ready to serve you. The laws surrounding data center development are still evolving, and we remain on the cutting edge of the legal sphere to adapt as new regulations arise. We will insulate your organization through practices that fit the best interpretations of current laws intersecting with data center development. 

Transcending each of our capabilities is a professional demeanor that will streamline the data center development project. Trust us for timely turnarounds, exhaustive diligence and deliberate communication throughout our partnership.


Prepare for Data Center Land Development With SelectROW

SelectROW provides value through comprehensive support at every stage of data center land development.

Land Surveying

We conduct land surveys and develop detailed maps that express precise geographical data. Our maps are accurate and actionable computer-aided design (CAD) files that reference information from specialized geographic information system (GIS) surveys. Leveraging survey information and CAD drawings enhances acquisition research and development planning strategies.

Title Research

We ensure accuracy and efficiency by conducting extensive title research. Our researchers confirm current and historical title information to verify all subsequent documents contain correct, up-to-date information. Gathering all critical title information prevents roadblocks and mitigates legal risk.

Land Acquisition

Our experienced real estate professionals will plan and implement a land acquisition strategy that facilitates efficient data center development. We weigh the benefits and risks of acquisition options, including easement or fee acquisition, and then move forward with the optimal strategy. Our land acquisition services are comprehensive and exact, covering parcel assessment, landowner negotiation, document preparation and other key areas. 

Stakeholder Engagement

Data center development impacts numerous parties outside of your organization. SelectROW will help you maintain positive relationships with all stakeholders. From providing shareholder updates to community outreach, we act as professional representatives for your organization.

Project Management

The broad scope of our expertise and capabilities empower us to streamline data center development and management. Our personnel is qualified to support your data center efforts from the initial planning stages through construction coordination and the facility’s launch.  


Capitalize on the Demand for Data Centers

Data center development represents a new opportunity for your organization to extend its reach or control its expenses. Reports forecast that the data center construction market will reach $25 billion by 2027, adding up to nearly $5 billion in growth since the start of the decade. Meanwhile, by 2030, the Data Center Outsourcing market may reach $355.51 billion. 

Whether building a data center to support internal operations or for business-to-business purposes, the financial potential is potent. SelectROW will help your business stay ahead. Partner with us to complete data center development faster so your organization can beat competitors to the market or advance its computation capabilities sooner.


Key Considerations for Data Center Development 

As land acquisition and project management experts, we have completed numerous commercial and industrial land development projects. This expertise — alongside our commitment to staying current with top land development opportunities — gives us foresight into the various factors you need to consider when developing a data center. Our team will help you recognize data center best practices and key considerations to weigh when selecting a plot of land. 


The land parcel’s geographical location influences its viability. The ideal data center is near important utility infrastructures, ensuring access to power. Close proximity to clients can improve service quality and control operation costs. However, the land must fall within a compliant zone and may require certain buffers to separate it from residential areas. 

Environmental factors also influence the choice of location. The local climate will impact data center maintenance and operational costs. For example, data centers in areas with extreme heat or extreme cold cost more to operate. Data center hardware requires certain temperatures and humidity levels, and controlling the data center’s environment drives operational costs.

Land Access 

Determining how your business will acquire land for data center development is a top consideration. You must create and execute a plan to efficiently acquire the parcel that will host the data center and other properties you may need to access during transportation or development. Careful research, planning, preparation and documentation will facilitate timely project completion. 

Zoning Regulations

The relationship between data centers and zoning laws is still developing. Few federal, state or local zoning laws apply to data center development and operation. Data centers can fall under commercial and light industrial categories, but new laws may arise that address data centers more specifically. 

Your development and operation strategies must consider the present legal landscape and include the flexibility to respond to new laws. 

Environmental Impact

Your organization must consider how developing and operating a data center will impact the surrounding environment. Environmental implications will influence your choice of real estate and the methods you employ during development. Some of the most critical environmental implications to mitigate when developing a data center include: 

  • Deforestation
  • Ecosystem disturbances
  • Soil erosion
  • Air pollution
  • Water pollution
  • Noise pollution

Community Impact

The development and operation of a data center may draw attention from surrounding communities. Your organization must interface with local residents, organization leaders and officials to express the value your data center will provide and how you will minimize its environmental impact. Establishing a positive reputation in the community is a constant effort that demands frequent communication and calculated messaging.


The growing demand for data centers establishes scalability as an attractive trait. Choosing a land parcel conducive to a scalable data center will help your business extend its reach as revenue grows. Alternatively, you may consider acquiring surrounding properties when your business is ready to upsize the data center. The ability to execute land acquisition processes quickly will allow your organization to pursue data center growth at the right moment. 


Selecting a Site for a Data Center

With so much to consider during site selection, professional assistance will elevate your decision-making. Our project consultants will guide you through a few crucial steps as you select a parcel:

  • Establishing criteria for desirable land: Characterize the ideal plot of land by determining how attributes like geography, climate and proximity to resources will intersect with your development budget, operational costs and potential revenue.  
  • Assessing potential land parcels: Gather a list of commercial parcels to determine which do and do not align with desirable physical attributes. 
  • Conducting feasibility studies: Determine the risks and benefits each possible parcel carries to analyze its alignment with your financial criteria. 
  • Executing thorough diligence: Obtain pertinent zoning documentation, easement and permits that will support your evaluations and acquisition processes. 
  • Carrying out an acquisition strategy: Assess possible acquisition approaches and implement the one that fits best, communicating with landlords, local officials and other stakeholders during the process. 


Request a Consultation 

SelectROW’s data center development capabilities will streamline your project and bring a faster return on your investment. Request a consultation to discuss how our land acquisition and project management capabilities will advance your data center development project.