Right-of-Way Plan Development

Right-of-Way Plan Development
In the past, it’s been part of the government’s role to review right-of-way plans for accuracy before pursuing a project. However, in some jurisdictions, recent code changes have relieved them of this duty. In those areas, the responsibility now falls to you, the organization submitting the plan for expansion of the publicly accessible world.

Most organizations considered this outside inspection of their work to play a crucial role in ensuring everything was done properly. In turn, losing it opens you up to costly delays if the plan is not exactly how it should be. 

Regardless, once you deliver your right-of-way plan to District staff, they’ll expect you to move forward with the process immediately. Having SelectROW help you through the planning process means you’ll be ready to do so right away and avoid any holdups due to not meeting quality requirements.


Our Development Services

SelectROW has worked with organizations around the country for decades to assist in right-of-way development and every step after. We know the state and federal guidelines you have to follow, and we’ll navigate them effortlessly. When you partner with us, we’ll approach the entire preliminary design process with our mind on the right-of-way plan, including steps such as:

  • Establishing right-of-way claims: We’ll work with your local Department of Transportation (DOT) office to prepare all the right-of-way claim forms so they’re ready for you whenever you need them.
  • Planning appraisals: Our team will suggest the right appraisal types for you and prepare them for District review and evaluation.
  • Investigating titles: We’ll collect and compile all the information you’ll need from the beginning, including tax information, deeds, leases, plans and utility easements.
  • Surveying and reporting: During the conceptual stage, land surveys and reports are crucial for knowing everything that comes next and anticipating any challenges you may encounter. We’ll take note of everything and keep track of it through official reports.
  • Designing field views: As you scope out and design your property’s field views, right-of-way interests may not be at the forefront of your mind. When SelectROW attends these processes, you can focus on the things that matter to you while we manage right-of-way concerns upfront, preventing run-ins later on.
  • Attending meetings: Throughout this process, you may need to attend public meetings regarding outside entitlements or benefits to be included in your plan. We’ll attend each one and ensure everything is accurate and legal, adjusting our plan where necessary.
  • Reviewing the plan: From the start of our partnership through the end of right-of-way plan development, our technical experts will monitor, update and advise you on the plan to eliminate potential errors. 


SelectROW Will Keep Everything in Order

Bridges, roads and other right-of-way structures help us make the world a more accessible, connected place, but as with many valuable improvements, they come with a unique set of challenges that require expert intervention. SelectROW specializes in right-of-way planning and acquisition, and working with us allows you to focus on the parts of this process that you’re excited about. 

Our experienced technicians are ready to help you secure your plan anytime. Learn more about what we can do for your next project by contacting us today.