Solar Farms 

SelectROW offers services for solar developers, public utilities and other entities. Our experts can assist you with siting and routing, surveying, easement acquisition, project management and more as you develop new solar panel fields. 

What Are Solar Farms?

Obtaining Land for a Solar Farm

As the demand for clean energy rises, solar panels become more prominent. While individual businesses and residences can install private solar panels, widescale solar electricity requires expansive collection systems — solar farms — to upscale solar energy generation capabilities. 

A solar farm, photovoltaic (PV) power station or solar park requires its own space to accommodate panels mounted to the ground instead of atop buildings. However, investing in solar panel fields is an efficient way to make clean energy accessible to local communities. 

Energy Companies

As an energy company, you will need to acquire the necessary land for your utility-scale and community solar panels. You’ll need enough space to house the panels, related equipment and any essential land for transportation to and from the work site. 

Your company may also pursue a solar easement agreement with local property owners to ensure that your panels have enough sunlight to produce large quantities of electricity. Your agreement may include height restrictions for trees and structures near the solar farm to maximize sunlight exposure. 

Our services simplify the process, helping you add clean energy from the solar farm to your offerings as soon as possible.

Solar Developers

As a private solar developer, you may be well-versed in the challenges that arise when negotiating with community members to obtain easements. Acquiring easements from local property owners will give your client access to the land you intend to build on or pass through. Our team can finalize the arrangement while you look for customers and obtain permits. 


Types of Solar Farms

Depending on the area you want to develop, a utility-scale or community solar farm may best fit local demand.

Utility-Scale Solar Farms 

Large-scale solar farms cover enormous plots of land, often stretching for miles, and may host hundreds of thousands of solar panels. Covering such a wide surface area with solar panels allows companies to procure massive amounts of electricity to transmit to the grid. 

Solar farms often have a capacity ranging from 1 megawatt to 2,000 megawatts and send electricity to local utility companies, even across great distances, for distribution to homes and businesses. 

Companies must often purchase or lease large amounts of land from property owners. Funding for solar farms often comes through tax equity or purchase agreements where utilities and other businesses buy specific energy quantities. 

Community Solar Farms 

A community solar farm operates similarly to utility-scale farms but at a lower capacity. The typical community solar farm is under 5 megawatts, and some are under 100 kilowatts. 

While community solar farms are relatively small, they significantly impact their local areas. 

Rather than installing the panels in a remote field, community farms are often in a neighborhood or town. This way, nearby homeowners and business owners can join a program through their utility provider for access to the farm’s electricity. The utility company will credit the customer according to the amount of energy the farm generates and the building’s energy consumption. 

What Are Solar Farms?

Choose SelectROW to Help You Install a Solar Farm 

SelectROW provides right-of-way acquisition services to ensure the most efficient solar farm installation projects. 

Our professionals have years of solar energy storage experience and will leverage their expertise to keep your project on schedule. We implement efficient, ethical practices to negotiate with relevant stakeholders and obtain the permits you need to build solar farms at any scale. 

You can count on SelectROW for thorough communication with your decision-makers throughout the process, plus access to our state-of-the-art technology that will help you monitor progress. 

Beyond right-of-way acquisition, we also offer services like land surveying and project management so that you can employ our expertise along any or all steps of the solar farm development process. 


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