What Is Property Acquisition?

February 16, 2023

What Is Property Acquisition? Every person or organization who needs a location for their work will have to venture through the property acquisition process. Property acquisition occurs when you take over a piece of land or a building to manage, maintain and improve it. Before you can acquire a property, though, there’s much information, preparation […]

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Right-of-Way Plan Development

Right-of-Way Plan Development In the past, it’s been part of the government’s role to review right-of-way plans for accuracy before pursuing a project. However, in some jurisdictions, recent code changes have relieved them of this duty. In those areas, the responsibility now falls to you, the organization submitting the plan for expansion of the publicly accessible […]

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What Is a Title Abstract?

What Is a Title Abstract? Every property you purchase has a history — even when you’re building from the ground up. A title abstract is a record of this history, complete with any legal documents and information you need to be an informed owner of the land and everything on it. It condenses the required […]

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