Select ROW is committed to facilitating the timely acquisition of all land and right-of-way interests, in accordance with the policies and procedures set forth by the client. Select ROW will always strive to provide high quality, professional services to all parties affected by a right-of-way acquisition. Select ROW understands that maintaining consistent, open lines of communication with the client and the affected landowners are paramount to the success of each individual acquisition and the project as a whole. Through strong relationships built on trust, Select ROW strives to create a efficient and productive acquisition process for all parties.

1. Preliminary Project Meeting
  • Before starting any project, Select ROW will schedule a meeting with the client’s project staff to review the subject acquisition area/route, the parcels involved in the project and the plans for the future placement of the subject facilities.
  • Select ROW will gain a complete and thorough understanding of expectations for the project, including preferred procedures and required client documentation.
  • Select ROW will get a clear picture of the timeline for the acquisition project as a whole, including major and minor project milestones.
  • Select ROW will review any recently completed appraisals or discuss the market analysis that will be completed, in anticipation of the future acquisitions. Through this discussion, a clear understanding of the paradigm used by the client, the appraiser or analyst calculating the value for the right-of-way or parcels will be attained.
2. Title Research & Review
  • At the client’s direction, Select ROW will research and compile title reports and other pertinent documents of record pertaining to each affected parcel.
  • Prior to contacting the owners of the parcels within the subject area, Select ROW will identify title issues that could affect the timely acquisition of the right-or-way or parcel. If potential problem areas are identified, the item will be brought to the attention of the client. Select ROW will assist in curing all title issues, prior to the anticipated acquisition date.
3. Preliminary Acquisition
  • Select ROW will provide a list of the affected parcels, including current owner information and any available contact information.
  • Select ROW will make an initial contact with each parcel owner, affected by the subject project, via certified USPS mail with a return receipt requested. This letter will include an explanation of the need for the right-of-way or parcel, Select ROW’s role in the acquisition process and Select ROW’s contact information.
4. Acquisition & Negotiation
  • A formal meeting will be arranged with each affected landowner, to provide the owner with actual acquisition documents. A reasonable effort will be made to meet with each parcel owner in person.
  • Select ROW will review information and documents that support the value of the right- of-way or parcel, and any title issues pertaining to the conveyance of such to the client.
  • Select ROW will be available to answer all questions and follow up to clarify any issue that is unclear to the landowner, landowner’s attorney or designated agent. Select ROW will continue to follow up with each parcel owner, as reasonably necessary, to complete the acquisition.
  • Select ROW will keep a detailed and accurate project log of all meetings, phone calls, letters, emails and other correspondence associated with each individual acquisition. The project log will be organized by parcel and include the date, time, items discussed, action taken and any follow up needed. Project logs, along with a summary letter, will be provided monthly or upon the client’s request.
  • Select ROW shall attend coordination meetings weekly, or as required by the client. At each coordination meeting, Select ROW will discuss all pertinent negotiation and acquisition activities, the project’s scheduled progression and items that require special attention.
  • Select ROW will provide a formal Negotiator’s Report on each parcel. The report will include all contact information for the parcel owner, and all documented contact that has occurred between Select ROW’s personnel and the landowner and landowner’s representatives.
  • Following the signing of all acquisition documents by the landowner, Select ROW will immediately provide all documentation for review and approval. Subject to the client’s approval, Select ROW will provide all acquisition documents to the title company, if the client plans to obtain title insurance for the right-of-way or parcel that has been acquired.
5. Condemnation Assistance
  • If, after all reasonable negotiating efforts have been made by Select ROW, the property owner does not agree to the acquisition or clear and sufficient title cannot be conveyed, Select ROW will report such to the client. Select ROW will assist the client and its legal team, in any reasonable way, to ensure the final acquisition of the subject easement or parcel.
  • Upon request, Select ROW will provide settlement recommendations based on appraisals or other information obtained during the attempted acquisition and negotiating process.
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