Electrical - Acquisitions & Negotiations

Select ROW provides easement and fee acquisition services to public electric utility providers for the placement of electric transmission and distribution lines, substations, switchyards, generation facilities and other associated electrical infrastructure. The services provided include land title research, easement acquisitions, purchase options, trespass negotiations, damage claim negotiations, condemnation support, due diligence assistance and contracted appraisal & survey services.

Telecommunication - Acquisitions & Negotiations

Select ROW provides easement acquisition and negotiation services to telecom providers for placement of both major and minor telecommunication facilities. Acquired and negotiated easements include the placement of fiber optics, copper cables, radio towers, cell sites, and FTTN & FTTT facilities. In addition to private easements, Select ROW also negotiates and acquired permits, leases and licenses from federal, state and local government agencies including the Department of Defense, Department of Energy, Bureau of Indian Affairs, Unites States Forest Service, Bureau of Land Management, and State Land Offices.

Pipeline - Acquisitions & Negotiations

Select ROW’s provides easement, fee and option acquisition services to gas & water utilities for the placement of natural gas pipelines, water & wastewater pipelines, interconnection sites, compression sites and associated above ground appurtenances. The services provided include title research, civil and cultural survey permissions, pipeline & telecommunications easement acquisitions, construction easement acquisitions, fee acquisitions, route selection & modification, due diligence assistance, damage claim negotiations and condemnation support. Easement acquisitions with pipeline projects have involve communications with public utility providers, the Federal Energy Regulation Commission, the Public Regulation Commissions and other various governmental entities.

Governmental - Acquisitions & Negotiations

Select ROW provides property acquisition and negotiation services to municipalities and governmental entities to allow for the construction of public infrastructure, flood control facilities and open space habitat areas. Services provided include title research, title review, easement acquisitions, property/fee acquisitions, lease/lease-option negotiations, site selection services, due diligence services and condemnation support.

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