About Us

Select ROW provides full spectrum land and right-of-way acquisition services throughout the entire United States. The principals of Select ROW have provided right-of-way acquisition, negotiation and consulting services since 1972. Select ROW's primary objective is to provide quality land and right-of-way consulting services to electric, gas, and telecommunication utility providers and governmental entities.

Our Services

Select ROW puts our many years of experience in land and right-of-way acquisition to work for each of our valued clients. We work throughout the entire United States providing our consulting services for successful negotiations and acquisitions. We can negotiate matters regarding easement acquisitions, fee acquisitions, and purchase options, licenses, permits and long term land leases. Select ROW is a versatile consulting firm and has negotiated on behalf of various industries including: gas utilities, electrical utilities, telecommunication companies, and governmental agencies.

Our Experience

Select ROW's experienced professionals have a stable background in providing acquisition services to utility providers and governmental entities. Providing quality acquisition services is Select ROW's highest priority. Select ROW has developed a cohesive team that will provide the client with unparalleled acquisition services. Contact us today and put our experience to work for you.

Our Approach

Select ROW is committed to facilitating the timely acquisition of all land and right-of-way interests, in accordance with the policies and procedures set forth by the client. Select ROW will always strive to provide high quality, professional services to all parties affected by a right-of-way acquisition. Select ROW understands that maintaining consistent, open lines of communication with the client and the affected landowners are paramount to the success of each individual acquisition and the project as a whole. Through strong relationships built on trust, Select ROW strives to create an efficient and productive acquisition process for all parties.


Preliminary Project Meeting

When beginning any project, Select ROW will meet with the project staff to gain a complete understanding of the expectations and the project timeline. We can also review any available appraisals, market analysis and client budgeting plans.

Title Research & Review

Select ROW researches and compiles title reports and other pertinent documents. We also identify title issues that could affect the timely acquisition of each individual right-of-way or parcel.

Preliminary Acquisition

We will provide a list of the affected parcels, including current owner information and any available contact information. Select ROW will also make an initial contact with each parcel owner.


Formal meetings are scheduled with each affected landowner to answer any questions regarding the right-of-way or parcel. Select ROW will follow up with each landowner to complete the acquisition. We will provide a Negotiator’s Report on each acquisition we make to complete the project.


If all reasonable negotiating efforts fail in gaining acquisition, Select ROW will assist the client and its legal team in any reasonable way to ensure the final acquisition of the subject easement or parcel.


Serving the United States

Since 1972, Select ROW’s team of professionals have provided land and right-of-way acquisition services to clients throughout the United States. We offer easement and fee acquisition services for the placement of electrical transmission and distribution lines and telecommunications facilities, and with our insights, you can feel confident about where your project stands. Our team has extensive experience offering due diligence assistance, routing support, permitting, licensing, negotiating, and even working with the Bureau of Indian Affairs to help our clients stay in line with their project goals and timelines. If you’re searching for an efficient, professional, and effective way to acquire land and navigate right-of-way interests, trust in the experts at Select ROW!

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